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Hollowpoint - Enemies, Weapons, Shaders & Lighting

Hollowpoint was a 2.5d side scrolling action game in development at Ruffian for which I was the art lead.
I was responsible for;
-key character art
-logos and promotional materials

All the work was on a very tight schedule - we had to produce a minimum viable product after just 6 months, with a two man art team. The talented Mr Tom Carter ( ) handled environment modelling and texturing.

Character 1024 textures >5000 tris. Had to have lots on screen at a time.
Game was made in Unity 4.

I'll post player character assets soon.

Paul large 1
Paul large 2
Paul large 3
Paul large 4
Paul large 5
Paul large 6

This guy was from a different -unfinished- faction.

Paul large env1

Lighting, VFX, shaders. No default Unity shading.

Paul large env2

Thanks, Tom for the screenshots.

Paul large env3
Paul large env5
Paul large env4