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The Thing

An old project I was lucky to be involved with at Ruffian Games. I led up the art on a couple of pitches for a video game based on The Thing. The first pitch was made in mid 2012 in CryEngine 3 in about 4 weeks, and got the game signed. The second round of work is from mid 2013 and was produced in UE4 in about a month to try and secure another published after the initial published pulled out. Unfortunately the project never got picked up again and this is the bulk of what I have to show from that gig.

I handled lighting, vfx, materials, tech work and character modeling as well as post work. The environment was produced by Mr Tom Carter who hopefully will post some shot of the scene. A 2 man art team really. The animation, TD work and the rest of the stuff was by the sexy people at Ruffian.

The Thing (2013) - Realtime Unreal Engine 4 Demo

Paul large 4
Paul large 1
Paul large 3
Paul large 3 1
Paul large 7
Paul large 8
Paul large 9
Paul large 10
Paul large meadows3

Rough - but only- pass on the character to test a full face wrinkle system we developed in UE4.

Paul large meadows2

The Thing - RFP Pitch Video (2012)